30+ Low Competition Niches for Blog 2023: With Examples

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In today’s digital age, finding a unique blogging niche can feel like a monumental challenge. Yet, believe it or not, there are still corners of the web untouched by the masses. For those eager to break ground in these areas, 2023 could be your year.

low competitor niches

Let’s explore over 30 micro-niches that offer potential, profitability, and relatively low competition.

Technology and Innovation Blog Niches

1. Podcasting for Kids

While podcasting is mainstream, focusing on creating content for kids or guiding kids to start their podcasts is unique. It’s an area with immense potential as more kids become tech-savvy at younger ages. Very innovative niche for 2023.

2. 3D Printing for Home Decor

3D printing is revolutionizing the DIY world. Blogs focusing on 3D printing projects for home decor can provide blueprints, tutorials, and reviews. Since it’s a fusion of tech and decor, competition remains niche.

3. Space Tourism

With companies like SpaceX promoting space travel, there’s growing interest in space tourism in 2023. A blog focusing on news, advancements, and opportunities in this field can be both unique and lucrative. This niche remains low in competition as it’s an emerging industry.

4. Ethical Tech Consumption

With concerns about tech industry practices, ethical tech consumption is gaining traction. Blogs can review ethical tech brands, discuss industry practices, and offer sustainable tech solutions. It’s a fresh perspective with limited competition.

5. DIY Smart Home Hacks

DIY Smart Home Hacks Blog Niche Idea

Smart homes are the future. A blog teaching DIY hacks to make homes smarter without spending a fortune can gain traction. Sites like Smart Home Solver demonstrate its viability.

Wellness and Mindfulness Blog Niches

6. Holistic Pet Care

Pet owners are increasingly looking for natural alternatives for pet care. A blog discussing holistic therapies, natural pet food recipes, and wellness tips can cater to this audience in 2023. It’s a budding area with ample room for growth.

7. Binaural Beats and Sound Therapy

Sound therapy, especially binaural beats, is emerging as a relaxation and meditation tool. A blog can discuss its science, offer playlists, and review related gadgets. The therapeutic sound niche remains relatively unexplored.

8. Elderly Tech Education

Elderly Tech Education Blog Niche Example

As technology advances, the older generation often feels left behind. This niche can offer tutorials, product reviews, and tech news tailored for the elderly. An example is SeniorTechClub. It’s underserved because many tech bloggers target only younger audiences, making it an absolutely saturated niche.

9. Pet Insect Care

Pet Insect Care Blog Niche Example

Beyond cats and dogs, many are fascinated by insects as pets. This niche can guide on care, habitat setup, and breeding of pet insects. A site like Keeping Insects exemplifies this. It’s a specialized niche, so competition remains low as of 2023.

10. Virtual Reality Travel Experiences

Virtual Reality Travel Experiences Blog Niche Example

As VR tech becomes more accessible, people are using it to “travel” from the comfort of their homes. Blogs that review VR travel experiences, gear, and destinations can gain traction. For instance, Travel World VR provides such insights. Given the technological advancements, competition is still catching up, offering a window of opportunity in 2023.

Sustainable Living and Lifestyle Blog Niches

11. Sustainable Living for Urban Dwellers

With the increasing awareness about climate change, people living in urban areas are looking for ways to adopt sustainable living practices. This niche can focus on DIY projects, sustainable product reviews, and eco-friendly lifestyle tips for city folks. For instance, Urban Organic Gardener showcases urban gardening techniques. It’s low in competition because it’s a unique combination of urban living and sustainability.

12. Zero Waste Celebrations

In 2023, sustainability become mainstream, many are seeking eco-friendly celebration ideas. Your blog can offer tips for zero-waste birthdays, weddings, and other events. The demand is growing, but supply remains limited.

13. Edible Landscaping

Merging food and beauty, edible landscaping is both functional and aesthetic. Blogs can provide design ideas, plant care tips, and harvesting techniques. The concept is still novel in 2023, making competition minimal.

14. Digital Detox Retreats

Digital Detox Retreats Blog Niche Example

In this age of digital overload, many are seeking ways to disconnect. This niche can offer reviews of retreats, tips for a successful digital detox, and mental wellness techniques. Websites like Digital Detox serve as examples. The competition is low due to the recent awareness around the subject.

15. Cottagecore Aesthetics and Lifestyle

The cottagecore movement, which emphasizes a return to simple, pastoral living, is gaining followers. A blog can focus on cottagecore fashion, home decor, recipes, and DIYs. It’s a trend still burgeoning, so early adopters can benefit.

Creative Hobbies and Crafts Blog Niches

16. Antique Toy Restoration

Antique Toy Restoration Blog Niche Example

A nostalgic trip down memory lane, this niche can target enthusiasts and collectors. Covering topics like finding antiques, restoration techniques, and showcasing transformations. An example is Harrington Antique Toys. This is low competition because it’s a specialized field that requires knowledge in both toys and restoration. Very few have blogs like this in 2023.

17. Upcycling Electronics

With electronic waste rising, upcycling old gadgets is both eco-friendly and innovative. Tutorials, project ideas, and showcasing transformations can be the focus. Few blogs venture into this, keeping competition low.

18. DIY Miniature Model Making

DIY Miniature Model Making Blog Niche Example

As of 2023, miniature models are enchanting. A blog can offer tutorials, showcase intricate models, and review tools. Sites like Smallhouse Models highlight its appeal. It’s a niche hobby with limited online representation.

19. Bamboo Products and Crafts

Bamboo Products and Crafts Blog Niche Example

Bamboo is sustainable and versatile. A blog dedicated to bamboo products, crafts, and DIYs can attract a niche audience. With limited blogs like Bamboo Diaries, competition is minimal.

20. Rare Book Collecting

For bibliophiles, collecting rare books is a passion. Offering tips on preservation, finding rare editions, and book reviews can captivate this audience. Given its specialization, competition is sparse.

Culinary and Food Traditions Blog Niches

21. Indigenous Culinary Traditions

Indigenous Culinary Traditions Blog Niche Example

Highlighting the culinary traditions of indigenous populations around the world can be both educational and flavorful. In 2023, A blog like Native Foods is an excellent representation. It’s unique because it covers less-known cuisines and promotes cultural appreciation.

22. Artisanal Tea Blending

Artisanal Tea Blending Blog Niche Example

With the global tea market growing, artisanal tea blending is gaining interest. A blog can discuss blending techniques, tea varieties, and health benefits. Sites like Inspired Earth Tea serve as a testament to its potential. The art of blending tea remains a specialized niche.

23. Home Aquaponics Systems

Home Aquaponics Systems Blog Niche Example

Great idea for 2023, Merging fish farming with hydroponics, this niche focuses on setting up aquaponics systems at home. It’s innovative, and sites like Go Green Aquaponics prove its potential. It’s a fresh niche with limited players in the field.

24. Homemade Organic Cosmetics

The organic movement isn’t limited to food. A blog dedicated to homemade organic cosmetics can offer recipes, reviews, and safety tips. Given the growing skepticism about commercial products, this niche has untapped potential.

25. Microgreen Farming at Home

Growing microgreens at home is both fun and nutritious. A dedicated blog can guide enthusiasts through the process, from seed selection to harvesting. Its niche nature ensures minimal competition.

Other Miscellaneous Blog Niches

26. Post-pandemic Travel

With the world adapting to post-pandemic realities, a blog focusing on safe travel practices, destinations open to tourists, and travel gear can gain followers. It’s a timely subject with evolving content possibilities.

27. Desert Landscaping

Water conservation is vital, and desert landscaping is both beautiful and efficient. A blog can provide design ideas, plant suggestions, and maintenance tips. It’s an untapped niche with vast potential.

28. Historical Fiction Writing Tips

Historical Fiction Writing Tips Blog Niche Example

While there are many blogs on writing, focusing on historical fiction can set you apart. Providing research tips, era-specific details, and writing prompts can engage budding writers. Few blogs, such as Historical Writers’ Association, cover this in-depth, making it less competitive.

29. Adaptive Fashion

For those with disabilities, finding stylish yet functional clothing can be a challenge. A blog focusing on adaptive fashion, reviews, and DIY modifications can fill this gap. It’s a niche with tremendous potential and limited competition.

30. Urban Birdwatching

Nature lovers in cities often indulge in birdwatching. A blog dedicated to identifying urban birds, and their habits, and creating bird-friendly spaces in cities can be unique. Few bloggers cater to this intersection of urban living and birdwatching, making it less competitive.

Wrapping Up

Unearthing a fresh blogging niche might seem like searching for a diamond in the rough, but with the right perspective, the gems are evident. As we’ve highlighted, numerous opportunities await those willing to think outside the box. Choose a niche that speaks for your blog, and embark on a fulfilling blogging journey this year. Best of luck in 2023!


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